I am a second-year PhD student at the University of Copenhagen supervised by Professor Isabelle Augenstein. Before joining the CopeNLU group I’ve completed an MSc and a BSs in Computer Science and Computational Biology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. I have also held the position of a Deep Learning tech lead at Lightricks.

I am passionate about creating methods to help both practitioners who use Neural Networks and the researchers who develop them to gain insights into why and how those models arrive at certain predictions. This, I believe, will increase the credibility and trust of ML tools in the public's view and promote the development of more capable and less biased models.

In my Ph.D., I work on the explainability and interpretability of NLP models using counterfactual methods. I also take part in the Sapere Aude's EXPANSE project, for learning to explain attitudes voiced on social media

Recent Work

Multilingual Event-Extraction from Historical Documents

In preparation.

Stance Detection for Comparing Surveys with Tweets about Covid-19

in preparation.

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